Multi-word post title

Have you ever noticed that I only do single-word blog post titles? This, obviously, is an exception, but I’ve been pretty consistent about it for…a while. Anyone want to go through the archives and figure out how long it’s been?

Ok, a few things. First: Becky is the winner of the giveaway! I realized after I wrote the giveaway post I wasn’t extremely clear about, well, anything. I chose a winner based on the extremely random criterion, “Which of these people have I not done a project for or have a project planned/in the works right now?” So there you go. And I will do another giveaway in October, just because this was fun. I’m also working on several of the quotes you guys posted. Becky, if you’re local, we can meet up for cupcakes or donuts and I’ll give you the print – otherwise, email me at with your address and I’ll ship the print to you. Edit: if you didn’t win, you should be excited because it means (did you catch this?) I already have plans for a piece of art for you! Probably a custom one! Of course, it could mean that I’ve done a project for you in the past…in which case, you’re already a lucky winner.

Second: yesterday I decided to put Evan and June together in the bigger of the two kids’ rooms (it was most recently June’s room, though it started out as Evan’s) and make the smaller room into a playroom. Today while June was on her date with Grandpa I got everything cleaned up, with a lot of grudging help from Evan, and got the playroom set up. Since the bedroom has carpet, I’m going to try a very strict NO FOOD IN HERE rule. We’ll see how well that goes.

Third: I know this isn’t that case, but lately I feel like I have “gotten over” Christian’s death. It is still sad, but most of the time I don’t dwell on it. Is that normal? Is it denial? Should I be having more breakdowns, or just expect a breakdown in the future? If I keep feeling good and happy, does it mean I’m heartless?

Fourth: are you aware that it’s more than halfway through September of 2013? When I write the date I have to remind myself it isn’t 1997. True story. However, the fact that it’s September means we get to eat chili and drink hot chocolate (not together) and be realistic when we think about wearing sweaters. And next month I’m planning a trip to visit my parents, and June turns 3, and it will be Halloween, and then Thanksgiving, and then Christmas! I’m excited, if you can’t tell.

Fifth: thank you for reading this far. I know blog posts are supposed to have pictures because blah blah photography SEO readership blah blah, but I appreciate your reading skillz.

xo Mika


4 Comments on “Multi-word post title”

  1. Jim says:

    Re: Third–That you feel happy would be the answer to hundreds (thousands?) of prayers for you and Jarom. True story.

  2. Kendy says:

    Sorry I won’t be around when you come to California, but I should see you at Christmas. Looking forward to it.

  3. Jen says:

    You’re coming to California? Can I please see you while you’re here?

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