Last week we went to Southern California for a Thanksgiving family reunion. I’m not ashamed to admit it – I slept pretty much the entire week. Jarom was so nice to get up with the kids and entertain them every day while I snoozed. In my defense, I was exhausted…and an extra week of sleep was lovely.

Because I slept so much, I didn’t get much done from my to-do list. I’m still trying to get stuff ready for an Etsy store, but finding a quality (and affordable!) printer nearby is challenging. Also, I found out after a few tests that my netbook has terrible color display, and images that I thought looked fine turned out to be horrible on any other device. I meant to work on the baby name keepsakes I offered to do for some friends as samples, but I was too busy sleeping. Understandably.

By this time of year, I’ve already sent out our Christmas cards. Well…I still haven’t scheduled our family photo, or had the cards printed, or bought envelopes or stamps. Jarom loved the design I came up with this year, so I guess I have to actually go through with it! But I’m severely far behind. The good news: I’m not panicking about it. Cards will get sent out, eventually, and life will go on.

Other things I meant to be doing: keeping the house clean (it was nearly spotless when we left for Thanksgiving), exercising every morning, getting up before the kids, tracking down a good printer, figuring out how to take great photos of my cards and prints once they’re printed. Yet even with my extra week’s worth of rest, I’m still too tired…without any momentum to get going.