Hello, all…we are still alive here.

Did you know that driving 2,000+ miles in 36 hours – with colds and a toddler – is actually not fun?

I learned that recently.

But, now we’re all back happily at home, and home never felt so good. There are extra rooms for when I want to sleep in the morning and the Romgi wants to be awake doing stuff. The Bwun has more toys than he knows what to do with. Our kitchen may not have an oven, but it does have more than 4 plastic plates and a cheap Walmart pots-and-pans set. And the bathroom is equipped with not only two vanities but a jetted tub that you can actually soak in and a shower that does more than just drool on you. (The water pressure in our Greensboro shower was ridiculously weak sauce.)

We have had a few unexpected and unpleasant events since we got back: it turns out that all of our car’s brake pads were…well…non-existent, and that’s a costly problem to repair. Also, the poor Romgi has had a killer toothache for several days; it’s gotten so bad that we decided to pay out-of-pocket to get it checked this morning. Looks like it will probably need a root canal, so now we have the fun task of figuring out how to get him the expensive dental care he needs between now and when our new student loans come through at the end of the month. We definitely can’t put the root canal off that long – I think the Romgi is suffering enough that he’ll pull his own tooth out in the next week or so. No fun!

In other news, jr is doing well, and we’re down to just over 3 months before she comes along to really throw a wrench in our lives. (But it will be great. We will adore her.) The Bwun likes to ask to see Baby, and today he generously tried to share his food by pushing bread onto my belly button. Nice thought, right?


One Comment on “Surviving”

  1. KHL says:

    Very nice thought on the Bwun’s part! Wish we could help out more.

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