The Hunger Games

by Suzanne Collins

{ 2008 | Scholastic Press | 384 pgs }

I seldom think a book deserves the hype it gets. The Forest of Hands and Teeth, for example, just didn’t live up to the rave reviews I read (in my opinion, that is).


Can I say that I was completely blown away by The Hunger Games? I read it in about 4 hours – thankfully the Bwun went to sleep early so I had a chance to read uninterrupted! The plot was so captivating, the narration perfect, the characters identifiable. Off the top of my head, I’d say The Hunger Games easily ranks among my top 10 favorite books, and I put it about equal on my list with Ender’s Game. Did you hear me? Ender’s Game! I’m serious!

The very basic premise of The Hunger Games is that in a post-everything North America, the ruling government has established complete control over its citizens and asserts that dominance by holding a yearly “Hunger Game” where 24 teenagers fight to the death.

Ok, maybe that doesn’t sound appealing, but I don’t want to give away anything else. I’ll just add that the complexity of the plot and characters is simply unbelievable. I am quite seriously considering buying the sequel (Catching Fire) to take on our road trip.

Of all the reviews I’ve done, I hope this one has inspired you to read a new book!

Bears, bananas, bugs

(…and babies! Keep reading for exciting updates on my life.)

You thought I’d never come back, didn’t you?

The Romgi has been back for about two weeks. Just before he got home, I had a not-so-fun experience with the Salt Lake City police: they towed and impounded my car after it was parked on a public street for less than 24 hours, because a neighbor thought it had been there for “a few days.” Thanks to a lot of help from my aunt and uncle, I was able to get my car and the fees back, but what a hassle! Things have been nice and calm since the Romgi’s return, though.

Want to see some of the souvenirs he brought?

an adorable Bwun-sized bear hat

a variety of cool stationery packs, including DONUTS

an adorable almost-Bwun sized Korean soccer outfit

a banana pillow that cries when you peel it

Of course, there were lots of other cool things too, but right now I don’t have pictures or I’m too lazy to upload them. It’s really late, so don’t judge me too much.

We’re gearing up for our big trip – we leave in just a few days for North Carolina! It will be a fun experience (I hope). I figure we’ll never have the chance – or never want – to do such a big road trip once we have more kids, and I definitely don’t want to send the Romgi off on his own again.

Oh yeah, and did you hear the fantastic news?

Baby Girl coming this fall! We had to go buy some sandals for the Bwun yesterday (one from each pair we own has mysteriously disappeared), and while we were at Babies R Us, I got this cute little outfit for $5 just in case we found out today the Oeuf is a girl:

Bright colors and bugs? Yes, I’m sold. And so excited for a girl!

I don’t know how often I’ll have internet access once we leave next week, but I’ll take lots of pictures and write updates to post whenever I can. First stop: Denver.

The Bwun shows off

…or is it really ME showing off? Hm. Adorable either way! When we were at my parents’ house recently, my mom would tell him “Good job!” and give a thumbs-up. That’s what he’s trying to do.