This year the Romgi and I have not bought any Halloween candy (for ourselves or trick-or-treaters), we don’t have costumes, we’re not invited to any Halloween parties, and we don’t even know any little kids in the area to see in their cute costumes. I doubt our neighborhood will get a lot of trick-or-treaters; and despite having bought a giant pumpkin this week, we have not yet carved it (nor do we know what we should carve) and putting it out on the porch risks the wrath of our neighborhood hooligans (yes, they’re real). We don’t even have a Halloween movie to watch.

I guess we’re saving up all our Halloween enjoyment for next year, when you can bet I will be taking around the 8 month old Bwun in costume to get candy. And babies don’t like candy, so that means…we’ll have to eat it!

In the meantime, though, I do feel a little bit bad about missing out on every Halloween experience possible. Is this what being a grownup is like? Boring!


13 Comments on “UnHalloween”

  1. Romgi says:

    I hope it is only like this for the childless grownup years.

  2. roni says:

    Good, then this is our last one for a while.

    (Let’s dress the Bwun up as a carrot or a cockroach for Halloween next year. Or a lobster.)

  3. Romgi says:

    OR, a lobster with a cockroach in one claw, and a carrot in the other!

  4. roni says:

    Just for the record, I’m 99% sure that next year I’ll be making a Link costume for the Bwun to wear.

  5. Romgi says:

    Speaking of lInks, if we had twins, could we dress them up as sausage links?

  6. roni says:

    No, we could not. Lobster is ok because it’s an animal. Carrot is ok because it’s orange. Processed meats = totally not ok.

  7. KHL says:

    We haven’t had tick-or-treaters for the last several years. LAst year we didn’t even buy candy or have lights on. But I didn’t even hear anyone outside. I guess Halloween has just really changed.

  8. KHL says:

    Okay, make that TRICK-or treaters!

  9. sposita says:

    Don’t worry, it’s only for those childless years – we’re totally going out for trick-or-treating – we’re even leaving our neighborhood and going to a more kid-friendly one! And then they go to bed. And then we hide the candy! =)

  10. Nicole says:

    We don’t have children…but we’ve carved pumpkins…twice. Also, I made a costume for our puppy. Sadly, if we took him trick or treating we probably wouldn’t want to eat the things he’d get.

    Happy Halloween anyway. If you’re looking for a movie that you can MST3K the heck out of, you can download one for free here:


    Enjoy…or don’t. If that’s what being a grownup is all about. :)

  11. Kendy says:

    I’ll tell you what, I’ll enjoy it for you. This is the first year in quite a while that I’ve done anything– but being in a dorm makes it pretty easy to have a good time. Last night we carved pumpkins (which I’ve never done before, and didn’t turn out very well) and tonight– right at this very moment– I have a big box of candy to hand out to the various T.o.T’s that come. The smallest ones are the cutest, of course. I hope more come, because I can’t eat the whole box myself…

  12. roni says:

    Update: I bought an extremely large bag of mini Tootsie Pops (large as in, the bag says there are 285 pops inside) for $3. And a 10-pack of full-size Snickers bars for $2. Just because the packages had pumpkins on them!

    At least Halloween is fun when it’s over, huh?

  13. Bethany says:

    After Halloween sales are good too! Unfortunately, Wal-Mart only had junk candy left this year. :( And yeah…it’s been pretty boring for us on Halloween the past few years. When we were in our married student ward there was always a party but it was not actually on Halloween. In the past 5 years we’ve probably had about 20 trick or treaters. This year we had over 100, at least. It was awesome. AND we took the boys trick or treating. We’re enjoying their treats. Luke doesn’t know the difference if he only gets a few pieces of “his” Halloween candy.

    Jason votes for the Link costume!

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