Ode to Baklava


5 Comments on “Ode to Baklava”

  1. Mπακλαβάς says:

    Oh yum, oh yum, I’m sitting in my office at 3:30 on a Friday afternoon and now I’m hungry and have another 89 minutes until I can leave… (That’s right, I’m a time crook, leaving at 4:59 on a Friday so I can get started on my weekend in the city. City, of course, being the town of 8,500 where I live, the biggest city for 40 miles.)

    I particularly like the “action shot,” the fourth photo (with the forks). But I don’t like cloves—at all—so I think I’ll pass on that first one. Well, no, I can’t resist the rest of it, so you’ll end up with some little Baklava centers with cloves stuck in ’em like toothpicks: I’ll just eat my way around.

  2. Mπακλαβάς says:

    … and yes, it took me twenty-two minutes to type that previous comment. Let’s see you try hunt-and-peck index-finger typing while staring at pounds and pounds (kg and kg) of Greek desserts.

  3. Kendy says:

    Oh, that is just plain MEAN.

  4. KHL says:

    Wow, I may have to visit the Athenian Grill!

    At the last Jubilee, they came with half-size baklava diamonds. What is the world coming to??

  5. roni says:

    I hope you all know that I wrote this blog post with sticky fingers from eating my very own BAKLAVA! Ha!

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