Fvvvfp fvvvfp!

The other day, the Romgi and I came home from work and were just about the head down the steps to our new apartment when we noticed that there was a very, very fat female quail sitting at the bottom of the stairs, on the little porch outside our door. She looked really strange – and she kept squawking at us. The Romgi took a step forward; she suddenly flew up to the roof, leaving behind about a dozen tiny baby quail!

They were absolutely adorable, chirping like mad and scurrying around trying to find their mom. Of course, they were too small to fly, but they kept trying to jump up a step. It was obvious that they were all stuck, so we very carefully tiptoed down and picked up the babies one at a time, putting them up on the sidewalk where their parents could see them. I try not to be smarmy on here, but those quail were absolutely adorable. We got pictures on our phone but I don’t know how to transfer them to our computer…instead, here is a random photo that looks almost exactly like what we took. So cute!!

(In case you are curious, the title of this post refers to the sound a quail ought to make when trying to get its plume out of its face. Fvvvfp fvvvfp!)


One Comment on “Fvvvfp fvvvfp!”

  1. Katie says:

    So, I thought quails were the birds that didn’t fly anyway? I hate, HATE birds. They terrify me. A baby bird fell out of the nest they made in the rafters on our patio, and it screeched at me with it’s disproportionate beak and snapped it at me when it screeched. I shouted (i don’t really scream, mostly i shout) and ran and stood on the back of the couch for about 30 minutes. Birds are freaky…

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