at long last love

does anyone still read this? I don’t really…but regardless, I am engaged!! for whoever stumbles upon this post let me tell you how it happened:

jarom and I were at his brother’s place friday evening. his brother and sister-in-law went to the store to pick up some things for dinner. while they were gone jarom started secretly training me to choose his right hand if he held them both out, the pick-a-hand game, where something is hidden in one hand and you have to guess which one. the left hand was a peck and the right hand was a really nice smooch. anyway, we left his brother’s house around 9:20p to go meet some friends to see a movie.

as I went to unlock the car door I turned and jarom was standing there, he held his hands out again, I picked the right one…it was a ring inside this time, and he got down on one knee and said, “mika, will you marry me?” I was so stunned that I literally stood with my mouth gaping open. I was almost to the point of asking him to repeat the question when I decided maybe this was really happening, and I managed to say something eloquent like “oh…my gosh…YES…” apparently I took so long to answer that jarom was afraid I would say no.

the ring is perfect; he searched far and wide for many weeks to find it. we think may 5th in the sacramento temple is when we’ll get married. and no, we didn’t realize at first that it’s cinco de mayo, but maybe we’ll wear sombreros at the reception…

so I am delightedly, ecstatically, euphorically happy. I’m glad that he kept all discussions about us getting married very vague, and gave me no good hints, because the suprise was incredible. absolutely incredible. I’m still having trouble believing that this has really happened, but there’s a ring on my finger and a smile I can’t wipe off my face. HUZZAH! I’m getting married!!


2 Comments on “at long last love”

  1. Ryan (the third or fifth greatest man in the world) says:

    I thought that it was such a happy blog that you should know someone read it. Again Congrats, I wish you all the best in life and happiness, and fish.

  2. 'sposita says:

    Believe it or not, I hadn’t heard “the engagement story” until now. I’m so jealous that 1) it was a surprise2) he got down on one knee3) you have such a sweet story to tell your kidsI’m so glad to have such a quirky, fun, and thoughtful sister-in-law to be. Congratulations!

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