"So I Was Wondering…"

We get a lot of calls here at the law school. Calls from people who feel they deserve free legal service because they are a BYU Student/BYU Alumni/Mormon/They were Mormon/They knew this Mormon guy once and he was “chill.” Whatever the reason, people don’t seem realize that the law school is only a law school, and not a law firm. We don’t take on cases. BYU does have a legal department, and it is not associated with the law school. It isn’t even in the same building.

Today, I wondered if people call the other colleges at BYU asking for help. Do they call up the school of nursing? I can see it now. Some guy calls up the office for the nursing program and asks “Hey, well, I have appendicitis, and I was wondering if you guys have any free medical services? Can I have one of your students do a surgery, could they just take my appendix out for practice? Because then it would be free.”

Just like a doctor or a nurse practicing medicine before their training is complete, it is equally ridiculous to expect a law student to take on legal cases. They don’t know enough. They aren’t even real lawyers until they pass the Bar exam. In fact, they would get in trouble. Big trouble. I’m pretty sure they would never be allowed to become a real lawyer.